Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And we're back!

Life has gotten completely CRAZY in the last 2 years! We have added a new family member, Vincent "Nolan" , born 4 days before Marshall's 2nd b-day. I have had 8 private pre-screenings of movies, Hubby is back at his old department on motor's, Bray is going into 9th grade with earning NJHS induction, Harper is headed to 2nd grade and had many awards including one for reading on a really high level and "Amazing Art", Marshall is 100% boy and ready to take on the world, as long as he has the right outfit on and his hair done.

Brent and I are celebrating 8 years together , apart :( He traveled to ATX with Marshall for a rodeo this AM. I will be joining him with all the kids this coming week.  We are planning an exciting vaction for just the two of us here in a couple of weeks! I am SO excited!!! I will take a ton of pictures and give my review of our excursions and resort upon arriving back.  This will be our first trip alone, and not pregnant, in 7 years. We have not traveled alone since right after having Harper, and then once when 7 months pregnant with Marshall! We are both looking forward to this trip more than words could express. It has been a little rough around the homefront with life throwing us a few obsticles.
Until next time my friends!

Harper and Marshall 2012
marshall- 2y - potty trained!

Noaln- 11months - Tennessee
2012 Edisto, SC Beach Trip- 7 1/2 months pregnant with Nolan

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