Wednesday, May 28, 2014

catching up....

 It has been ages since I last posted on any of my blogs, and I have decided to cram everything I've been doing into one post here at TheWrightMomma

We have added a few additions to the family since 2011. One of them being another son, named Nolan, and the other being a Bengal Cat, named Moody. My pregnancy with #4 was extremely difficult. I was put on bed rest very early in my pregnancy following back to back hospital stays. I had an illness that was made more public by Princess Kate, hyperemesis. It causes debilitating sickness and extreme weight loss. My body was fighting me the entire time, but I had a perfect growing baby inside so it was all worth it in the end. To top it off, I actually made it full term, with the help from weekly 17-P shots by my home nurse! Once the little man arrived I thought that life would just get "back to normal." Boy was I mistaken. Adding that extra person, extra body to get dressed, one more nursing, change 2 diapers (Marshall had just turned 2), and even move with any urgency post C-section w/ complication was near impossible. Once Christmas past we finally got into the grove of things and began back up with routine of the "new normal."
It has been crazy busy for each family member in their own accord. Hubs has been extremely busy with working with his family's company and at the PD. Another MC Rodeo went off with raving success in April. Traveling a few times throughout the year to go to Motor Rodeo's throughout the country, and vacationing at the beach, San Francisco and Napa, and soon to head to Tennessee before school starts.
 The kids are growing up so fast and  getting so big and smart!

 #1 is entering the 8th, is in full teenager mode (*joy*), has become an even better big brother than every imaginable and growing into such a handsome young man!

#2 is going into the 1st grade (tear), has been taking horse back riding lessons (quite the avid cowgirl I might add), too stinking smart and "miss politically correct", the sweetest and most loving little girl while at the same time one of the sassiest! She is a spitting image of myself at that age!

#3 is every bit of BOY! M keeps us on our toes and always laughing, has a gentle yet wild spirit and so full of life and energy! He went to his first year of pre-school this past year and did so great! Still loves to stay home with momma so we are only going to do 2 days a week again!

#4 is our little chubs! He has the calmest disposition and so sweet. Butter ball from head to toe and a momma's boy!

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