Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bugaboo Bliss

While searching throughout the Etsy817 Facebook page in search of vendors for the Spring Carnival I came across Bugaboo Bliss. I remembered seeing her shop in Etsy a few months back and marking a "bottle prop" as a favorite... I sent her a message on her fan page and asked about a few custom items to get made for the LO's.
She was very speedy in her response and we settled on a few items for Marshall for Valentine's day first.
I ordered an OWL  and  Vintage Valentine  onsies from her first.. Her turn around time was great and I was able to pick and chose whatever fabrics to go in the applique.
Next I ordered Custom Cookie Monster and Elmo shirts for the LO's and a stuffed buckle OWL (for Harper's bday) THe kids wore their shirts to see Elmo Live "Healthy Eating Habit's"
Please ignore the Hubs closed eyes.. Photographer I am not ;)
THe OWL pics will be added after I can bring it out without spoiling one of Harper's presents!

I also ordered 3 diaper covers (the red fuzzy one above and blue below) and 2 bibs. They all are so cute and soak up all of Mr M's drool!
                                                Guitar Shirt made by my friend Kristie!

A skirt and shirt set for Harper and her bff's Bday party is in the process of being made. They will have matching outfits to coordinate with all their decorations! As well as a PEACE, LOVE, TEXAS shirt for our upcoming TEXAS RANGERS games! (you will soon find out that I am a DIE HARD Rangers fan and so is my husband and the children will eventually get there too! :0)

I would highly suggest to everyone to check out all of Sara's awesome creations at Bugaboo Bliss either on her FB page or Etsy page. She is another S@HM who is super talented and has great products!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Im eating what?

Our oldest is quite the picky eater. For the last 5 years I have been trying to make him eat what I cook for the entire family. Momma always said "I;m not a short order cook, IF you dont eat it. You dont eat at all."
Well with him that could mean numerous things. For one he would eat it and just work himself up that is hated it so much that he would gag until he vomited. This happened pretty much every time he was at the house.. THis set me on a mission to fugure out how to get him to eat something other than chicken nuggets, pizza, mac n cheese, and ranch.. Yes I said ranch.. he could and would drink it. (GROSS)

Since he is not my own and I cannot force feed him the way I probably would mine (if they were picky) I just started hiding veggies in food using Deceptively Delicious. Then I decided if i really wanted him to expand his pallet he needed to know what he was eating and truly like or not like the item.

With Vomiting a thing of the past I have decided to assist other MOPE's (Mom of picky eaters) with how I did this.

I for one DO NOT let them not try something.. A 2 bite minimum is required for all foods. IF they do not like it the first time (you can really tell in their faces on our kids) then be done with it that day and week. Try again the next week. Doctors say that it takes up to 14 times of trying something to officially like it. Hoping no one has to wait that long..

  1. I try to season all of my foods so that its not to spicy or salty.
  2. I try to only have 1 new thing per meal
  3. FRESH is BEST
  4. Expand your horizons
  5. have many options. 
  6. you must eat it!
  7. plan WAY ahead!
  8. bake,saute, fry, broil, steam, simmer, toast DONT MICROWAVE new items...

 The Following is a FAVORITE in our household. #1 Dreaded dinner the entire day (You start before school) and the he ate 3 bowls of it once it was served!

Real Beef Stroganoff
this feeds our family of 4 eaters with 2nds

  • 1lb  beef stew chunks (or beef roast cut into cubes
  • 1 white onion diced 
  • 1 package mushrooms sliced thick (can use 1 8oz drained can)
  • 1 can cream of onion
  • 1 can cream of mushroom (I use 98%fat free)
  • 1 package cream cheese (I use fat free)
  • 1 8oz tub of SourCream (i use fat free)
  • 1 package No yoke Noodles or 3 cups Brown rice
  • Beef stock as needed
In a Crock pot mix cream of onion and cream of  mushrooms. I add a little garlic salt and pepper.
Dump diced onion, mushrooms, and meat into mixture and stir it up so meat is coated. I add about 1/4 cup of beef stock to help it not stick to sides at first.
Cook on high heat if you are making it within 4 hrs of eating Cook on Low if you will be cooking all day.
Once meat is cooked and u are within 1hr of eating set cream cheese out to soften. Add Sour cream to crock and stir gently. 
Once Cream cheese is softened add in small chunks and stir to melt. 
Add more salt and pepper to your likeness.

I always make noodles and rice. Kids like noodles and Hubs and I like rice.. 

Spoon mixture over either and serve with a fresh veggie!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Party pooper or princess?

So one thing I LOVE to do is plan a good shindig.... The thing I love the most is when its all over and everyone has had a great time....The thing i hate the most is the 2 days prior. Always running here and there, not finding what you originally planned, waiting on someone else to move on to the next step...

Tomorrow is Bray's end of season basketball party. It will be at It'z pizza in Euless (not so sure about that place yet) and I have done whatever possible to insure that these boys will have a great time and their parents will ge tthe most for their buck... THat being said.. Thinking 25 per kid would cover food and gift costs...it didnt so even though i do not mind about the cost I am a little worried that "my personal budget" will not give ME the outcome I yearn for. Og, why cannot i not be a bazillionair?
Oh yeah.. BC i stay home with my kiddos...

Needless to say my 3 bags of stuff from HobLob will be put to use late this evening and in the AM before Harper's dreaded dentist appt.. (she is having sealants put on 2 back teeth that she has started to grind on at night!)

Pics to come soon plus my review of Bugaboo Bliss!