Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bugaboo Bliss

While searching throughout the Etsy817 Facebook page in search of vendors for the Spring Carnival I came across Bugaboo Bliss. I remembered seeing her shop in Etsy a few months back and marking a "bottle prop" as a favorite... I sent her a message on her fan page and asked about a few custom items to get made for the LO's.
She was very speedy in her response and we settled on a few items for Marshall for Valentine's day first.
I ordered an OWL  and  Vintage Valentine  onsies from her first.. Her turn around time was great and I was able to pick and chose whatever fabrics to go in the applique.
Next I ordered Custom Cookie Monster and Elmo shirts for the LO's and a stuffed buckle OWL (for Harper's bday) THe kids wore their shirts to see Elmo Live "Healthy Eating Habit's"
Please ignore the Hubs closed eyes.. Photographer I am not ;)
THe OWL pics will be added after I can bring it out without spoiling one of Harper's presents!

I also ordered 3 diaper covers (the red fuzzy one above and blue below) and 2 bibs. They all are so cute and soak up all of Mr M's drool!
                                                Guitar Shirt made by my friend Kristie!

A skirt and shirt set for Harper and her bff's Bday party is in the process of being made. They will have matching outfits to coordinate with all their decorations! As well as a PEACE, LOVE, TEXAS shirt for our upcoming TEXAS RANGERS games! (you will soon find out that I am a DIE HARD Rangers fan and so is my husband and the children will eventually get there too! :0)

I would highly suggest to everyone to check out all of Sara's awesome creations at Bugaboo Bliss either on her FB page or Etsy page. She is another S@HM who is super talented and has great products!

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