Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Party pooper or princess?

So one thing I LOVE to do is plan a good shindig.... The thing I love the most is when its all over and everyone has had a great time....The thing i hate the most is the 2 days prior. Always running here and there, not finding what you originally planned, waiting on someone else to move on to the next step...

Tomorrow is Bray's end of season basketball party. It will be at It'z pizza in Euless (not so sure about that place yet) and I have done whatever possible to insure that these boys will have a great time and their parents will ge tthe most for their buck... THat being said.. Thinking 25 per kid would cover food and gift didnt so even though i do not mind about the cost I am a little worried that "my personal budget" will not give ME the outcome I yearn for. Og, why cannot i not be a bazillionair?
Oh yeah.. BC i stay home with my kiddos...

Needless to say my 3 bags of stuff from HobLob will be put to use late this evening and in the AM before Harper's dreaded dentist appt.. (she is having sealants put on 2 back teeth that she has started to grind on at night!)

Pics to come soon plus my review of Bugaboo Bliss!

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